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Uncomplicating Legal for Online Pilates Teachers with Nicole Cheri Oden

Protect Yourself

If you’re a Pilates teacher who just started your online business this past year, you may not know exactly what you need to do to protect yourself legally.

Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Liability Waivers, Contracts…. 

Done-for-You Legal Templates

Nicole Cheri Oden is a California=based attorney who specializes in making all the legal less complicated for us online service businesses.

In this presentation, Nicole shares exactly what Pilates teachers need to protect us online, and she offers online legal templates to make it super easy!

Her templates include everything from your online waiver to testimonial releases, blog post agreements, group and individual coaching agreements, podcast, non-disclosure…. All done for you – just fill in the blanks.

Click here to buy Nicole’s done-for-you legal templates.

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