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I took some time off this week, spending a lot of time resting, planning, and reading fiction. And while I have really enjoyed the break, I do miss my clients and my work. I’m so grateful to have fulfilling work that allows me to connect deeply with wonderful people and help them feel better and get […]

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Podcast Episode 20 – Being A Healthy Human, Part 2 with Dr. Sam Slattery

Welcome back for Part 2 of my discussion with Dr. Sam Slattery, author of The Body Cooperative. Hubby & I have know Dr. Sam fr over a decade. He was a big part of our medical team when we lived in Turks & Caicos, and has always been a science-based, no nonsense, and very caring kind […]

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Podcast Episode 18 – Going More Joe® with Sunni Almond

Catching up with my dear friend Sunni Almond, founder of Going More Joe®, is always a treat! I’ve taught Sunni, taught with and for Sunni, and always find her to be funny, refreshing, and very real. Sunni has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years, and she stays a student studying with the most gifted […]

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Podcast Episode 17 – Moving Through Menopause with Wendy Kleinke

I love to talk with other fitness and wellness professionals who also help women who are going through menopause, and my friend Wendy Kleinke is one of those people. This conversation that we had last year is so full of fabulous information, that I’m sharing with you again here on the podcast. We’re talking all […]

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Podcast Episode 16 – Teach Pilates with Confidence with Tania Huddart

Over the past decade, too many talented teachers in the Pilates industry have stopped teaching because of burn-out, debilitating stress, imposter syndrome, and lack of confidence. Luckily, there are Pilates teachers like Tania Huddart, who are committed to helping Pilates teachers find their unique voice within our industry so we can keep helping people to […]

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Podcast Episode 15 – Pilates and Lower Back Pain

So many people seek out Pilates to help with lower back pain. ***Make sure you see a medical professional to make sure you are cleared to exercise! If you’re not sure why your back hurts, don’t expect your Pilates teacher to figure that out. It’s not in our scope of practice.*** I outline spine anatomy, […]

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Podcast Episode 14 – Make An Impact In Your Pilates Business with Alison Marsh

This episode is so full of actionable, effective advice for Pilates teachers! I’ve known Alison Marsh from Pregnancy Pilates Impact for about 20 years, and we have never met in real life. In fact, this was our first conversation where we actually saw each other! Whether you want learn more about teaching pre and post-natal […]

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Podcast Intro & Episode 1 – The Myth of Neutral Spine

My new podcast is here! You may have heard the phrase “neutral spine” in a Pilates or other exercise class, and I bet that neither you nor the trainer who said it understands what neutral spine means. There’s a reason for that…. The Pilates Goddess Podcast, Episode 1 – The Myth of Neutral Spine