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Podcast Episode 16 – Teach Pilates with Confidence with Tania Huddart

Over the past decade, too many talented teachers in the Pilates industry have stopped teaching because of burn-out, debilitating stress, imposter syndrome, and lack of confidence.

Luckily, there are Pilates teachers like Tania Huddart, who are committed to helping Pilates teachers find their unique voice within our industry so we can keep helping people to make positive changes in their lives through movement.

Tania is the author of Teach Pilates with Confidence (which is available on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback – and the force behind the Teach Pilates with Confidence monthly membership program. She owns Hearts & Bones Pilates in New Zealand, and is a beacon of light in our often dark industry. Just our discussion about Core Values will help you move forward!

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Having confidence in yourself will help your clients have confidence in you too. Confidence is a skill you can learn, and need to practice until it becomes a part of you. You also need to get clear on why you teach Pilates.

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