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Osteoporosis Is A Public Health Crisis

I talk a lot about osteoporosis and the importance of weight-bearing exercise. This past week, I read at least five news articles, from 4 different countries, that all said the same thing – osteoporosis is a public health crisis, and most people don’t know they have it until they break a weakened bone.

According to a recent article in the Alberquerque Journal, in the US, where I’m based, “over two million preventable fractures occur due to osteoporosis each year…. There are more fractures from osteoporosis every year than heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancer combined.”

The best way to keep bones strong? Exercise.

What kind? Weight bearing on the feet (walking, jogging) and exercises that strengthen the core back muscles.

This is precisely what we do in the Strong Bones Pilates™ program & classes, where we modify movements to keep the spine safe, and use body weight, light weights, Pilates ring, bands, and the Tye4® to add resistance & strengthen our muscles and bones.

All workouts are custom modified, so you never have to worry that you’re doing something that will hurt you.

The next round of the Strong Bones 4-week program starts July 10, and space is limited!

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If you’d rather start with live group classes, you’ll love the Strong Bones studio, with 4 fresh live classes every week, and access to over 100 class recordings in the on-demand studio.

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